Azure Scale Sets and Zerto

Zerto uses native Azure services to accelerate the move, failover and failover testing from on-premises to Azure. One of the ways Zerto achieves such short RTOs to public cloud is the use of Azure Scale Sets.

If you are not familiar with Azure Scale Sets, they are sets of VMs that power on automatically and perform a task and then deallocate automatically. Zerto uses them when a move, failover or failover test is performed.

In the following demo, you will see me initiate a failover from vSphere to Azure. Here’s what happens:

  • The scale set starts up 41 Linux worker VMs to process the replication data
  • I selected Reverse Replication in my Zerto failover. Once the VMs are running in Azure, the Scale Set works the delta sync from Azure to vSphere.
  • The Scale Set will process the Reverse Protection data until the Azure and vSphere sites are in sync.
  • Once the replication work is complete, the Scale Set will decommission all but one Scale Set VM that acts as the scheduler for the Scale Set.

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