Running WordPress on AWS Lightsail: Part 2- The Installation.

This post is the second in the Running WordPress on AWS Lightsail series.

I already had an AWS account for lab testing and demos with my work at Zerto. So if you don’t have one, you’ll need one. I logged in and went to Lightsail.

The rest was really easy. Push the “Create Instance” button, choose the type of instance you want and it spins up in a couple minutes. I picked WordPress.

The AWS Lightsail WordPress instance gets up and running very quickly.

AWS also provides DNS hosting as well. Just click “Create DNS Zone and associate it to IP address shown on the WordPress instance. I didn’t use this because I’m using Cloudflare firewall and CDN.

Instead, I went to AWS’s Route 53 to change to the Cloudflare Name Servers in it. To do that, click on the AWS menu selection on the upper right next to the Billing menu choice.


The AWS button takes you to the AWS console.

Scroll down to the Networking & Content Delivery section.

Click on Route 53. It takes you to the AWS DNS Management console.

Click on the Hosted zones.

Here is where you change the Name Servers to the Cloudflare Name Servers.

In the next post in this series, we’ll set up Cloudflare.

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