Install AWS Storage Gateway for Zerto LTR

In this post. I’ll configure Zerto 7.5 to use the AWS Storage Gateway to store my Zerto Long Term Retention (LTR) backups. 

The AWS Storage Gateway comes in three flavors: file gateway, volume gateway and tape gateway. I’m using the file gateway.

Deploy the AWS Storage Gateway

To install, go to the AWS console and search for “AWS Storage Gateway”.  Click on the  Create Gateway and follow the wizard.

Select File Gateway.

I’m running vSphere, so I downloaded the ESXi .ovf and followed the simple deployment instructions.

I used the public endpoint.

Added in the AWS Storage Gateway VM IP address.

After it connected I activated the Gateway, configured the local disks and logging and completed the installation. It’s that straightforward.

In the next post. I’ll configure Zerto to use the AWS Storage Gateway for LTR backup retention.

Azure Quick Tip: Log into Azure from Powershell

If you don’t have Azure Powershell installed, here is how to do it:

From Powershell, enter Login-AzureRMAccount and hit Enter.

A Microsoft Azure login screen will pop up.

Log in with your Azure credentials. Now you’re ready to start working with Azure from the Powershell.


Microsoft Surface Go – One Year Update

Last year I purchased a Microsoft Surface Go and wrote this blog post. This is a quick one year review.

I use the Surface Go nearly daily and it performs like the day I bought it. Its been a reliable performer and the battery life is still excellent. I still really like it and recommend it all the time.